New Book

New Book
The House On Sunflower Road

A Writer's Prayer

As writers, we put ourselves out there for all to see, and the only dressing we finally get is in the comments coming our way; comments that layer our nakedness piece by piece until we are dressed. And when we are fully dressed we do the process all over again. For what worth is a work if no one touches it with their eyes, if no mind falls into the story, and in the leaving no weight of connection propels a response? Elizabeth
March 2, 2010



The 'walks' of my mind!

Many things walk through my mind; it changes with the choice of time. For instance, during the day, I tend to write with a conscious eye, with a temperance toward word choices, almost as if I've an invisible watcher editing my thoughts before they find print; now, night time offers a different stage for my writing, I feel the mellowing of my words, my fingers fly across the keyboard with the courage of a Delilah, and thoughts sing a purer truth as the cover of darkness cheers me on. It seems most problems find an answer with only the light of the monitor in front of me. The darkness of the room lets my imagination have a free hand, no censoring of ideas, or judgment sitting on my shoulder.

The 'Memory Chair' -

"This...sitting around the fire," Wa`si said, "reminds me of my father and his friends. They would sit around the campfire gathering up its energy and before long there would be sharing time. The one designated to talk held the 'memory chair' until his story ended." He paused, as though his story mimicked the moment as the fire's strength entered into him, giving his words newly found power. "When I reached manhood, at sixteen, I was allowed to sit with the group. It was from these stories passed around from the one in the 'memory chair' that I learned the meaning of honor, and the importance of everything relative to what's around us. Best of all, I was taught that a strong man can show meekness without being weak...and shed tears without feeling shame....

Cherokee Proverb

Don't let yesterday use up too much of today!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

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This book is published by Hartwood Publishing ( and is listed with Amazon

She can't see what's ahead, but she has to follow the road.

The House On Sunflower Road

I have a new book, The House On Sunflower Road, being released by Hartwood Publishing. It is now listed with Amazon for pre-orders in digital format, Kindle, and others, (in stock March 3rd). It will also be released a few days later in print.  
A blurb for the book is below:
 Three years to the day after her beloved papa died, Odella Jumaane discovers the past nineteen years of her life have been a lie. She is not who she thought she was. A young man, Luc Sweetwater, has come to Reedy Creek to fulfill a promise he made to his mother--who had recently passed away--by safeguarding Yesu Jumaane's beautiful daughter. When he was a young child, Yesu had helped him and his mother when no one else would. Luc finds that the young child of his memories has grown up to be a lovely young woman. He brings letters that were written by Yesu to his mother and to him, and also a letter she'd written and never mailed.
Odella is given the letters to read, and they distance her further from who she thought she was. When at Lincoln Bank in Reedy Creek, she is given access to a safe deposit box that holds items and records, and a croker sack of money. She asks herself who is she...really? Her ultimate challenge surfaces when she comes face to face with a man who claims to be her father.

This book is published by Hartwood Publishing (
It is listed on Amazon. It is in digital format, Kindle and others, and also in print form. Towles/The House On Sunflower Road